Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Why is it that whenever the phrase “No offense but” is used it usually precedes something offensive? There is one thing guaranteed to rub me up the wrong way and that is to make assumptions about my life, so please do not do what this one judgmental potential client did and assume he knows what I’m doing when my calendar says “busy”. After not being able to book the day he wanted and me suggesting another he replied with this gem…

Hello Lara
I have just been looking at your calender to try to arrange a date and time then you are free and, no offence but it appears that you are not quite as exclusive and part time as your website suggests with how busy you appear to be. One thing that attracted me to you was being part time and appearing to see a small number of clients during a week/month. Sorry if I have wasted your time but I don't think I'll be booking and there's truly no offence meant.


Hello *****

Things aren’t always as they appear though! I am a part time escort who sees maximum of two clients a day on those day when I actually do see clients, but most of the time it’s only one visitor. I am busy doing lots of other things in my life; for example, these past few days I’m on a course, Monday I will have no electricity here due to tree cutting near power lines so I’m having the day off, then I’m on a couple of one day (non-work related) outings, then from the 20th to the 31st Oct I’m on holiday, after which I have numerous other courses and events I’m attending. It’s always best not to assume things as it’s so easy to get it wrong isn’t it. If you don’t consider me too much of a slapper you are most welcome to visit; the days marked “busy” on my calendar do not necessarily mean I’m busy having sex, LOL.

Best wishes


I believe having a good work/life balance is vital, plus not being particularly motivated by money I do tend to have a lot of time off to pursue my many interests and hobbies. Unfortunately some people really do think that we escorts are interested in nothing besides sex and that we spend our days sitting around in stockings and suspenders waiting for bookings. We are human you know; *shock, horror* some even have lives outside the industry. Who’d have though it eh!

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