Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sod's Law and my mobile phone

My mobile phone came with Sod’s Law fully installed as standard! It will only ring when…

  • I’m rushing to get ready for a client and have no time to chat
  • I’m in the bathroom
  • I’m cooking a meal that requires constant attention to prevent it becoming ruined
  • I’ve just taken the first mouthful of my dinner
  • I’m working
  • I’ve called the answer phone to listen to voicemail (so my phone is engaged)
  • I’m already on the phone to someone
  • I’m being served at the supermarket/using the cash machine/filling the car with petrol
  • I’m downstairs and it’s upstairs (because I don’t get a great reception at my cottage I have to leave the phone in one place rather than carry it around with me)
  • I've just nipped out of the house for 30 seconds, leaving the phone indoors
  • I walk through a signal blackspot with the phone, and in the 10 seconds it takes to receive the signal again there’s a missed call
  • I’m taking an important call on the landline
  • I’m watching the only TV programme I’m interested in that day, and one which requires my attention or else I haven’t a clue what’s going on.

And sod’s law, whenever I have a missed call, the person rarely leaves a message asking me to call back. Arrrgh! It’s so frustrating, and I’d imagine just as frustrating for the person trying to contact me. So, to make it simpler I’ve amended my website so it now says when I "could" be contacted by phone. Of course, if all else fails there’s always email :-)

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