Monday, 8 June 2015

Incalls - ID verification

Although I’m happy to take enquiries via private email or mobile, for my security and peace of mind, before I can confirm the booking I will need to know that you are who you say you are. I shall need your full name, address, and you to call me from your landline. I’ll then look you up in Directory Enquiries and hopefully I’ll find you there. Please don’t worry, the call only needs to be long enough for the number to show on my mobile so there is no need for us to have a chat if it’s awkward for you, and I will NEVER call you back on that number unless you ask me to. If you get straight through to voicemail please DO NOT leave a message or your number won't show. Simply hang up immediately and Orange will text me your number (unless it’s withheld).

If this is not possible, or you are ex-directory, I’m also happy to accept some forms of email ID verification provided it has your name and address on it, e.g. utility bills (you can blank out the private bits if you like), emailed receipts. Needless to say, this information is for my personal security, and will never be divulged. Any problems or concerns let me know and I’ll try and work something out so we can meet.

I’ll also accept calls to/from work phones (provided they too are listed in Directory Enquiries or on a company website), or emails from company addresses such as "".

So just choose which option suits you:
  • A call to or from your home or work landline (if not ex-directory) OR
  • Emailed (scanned from a paper copy or a forwarded message) receipt or utility bill (with your name and address on it), OR
  • An email from an email address linked to a company website, eg

I realise I am very strict with ID verification and understand that could put you off, but all I ask is that before you get in touch with me you feel OK with going through this procedure, thanks. There are no exceptions to this rule, no matter how nice you sound, sorry.

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