Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sometimes I go red

My hair that is. When I started in the escort business, many years ago, my barnet was the colour of a polished conker. Sort of mahogany in hue, and I loved it. But then I got bored and decided it was time for a change, so I went blonde. But you know what, I’ve been blonde for a few years now and I’ve steadily grown tired of it, so a couple of days ago I went from blonde to a mixture of blonde and red. It wasn’t quite how I’d envisaged when I was describing it to my stylist, but I’m not too embarrassed by it to be seen without a hat…or feel the need to shave all my hair off ;-) It’s not too bad, really it’s not. However, this slight change of image now means I need to have new photos taken…and I really hate having my photo taken! So please bear with me as it may take a week or two to put new pics on my website. I hope this post serves as a little warning that if you’d set your heart on meeting blonde Lara, then I’m afraid she’s gone on an extended break, possibly never to return. The new and improved conker-headed Lara would be happy to meet you though :-)

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